2Shoes is a Tucson startup focused on empowering curiosity. Created in June 2013, 2Shoes was started as a way to lower the growing barriers of participation in large presentation settings.



{Danny Kirk}

El Jefé / CEO

Danny Kirk is a Georgia transplant to the desert southwest and is trained in classical music. When he's not working on 2Shoes, Danny enjoys a good sloth video, traveling to new places and exploring the great outdoors.


{Elliot Ledley}

The Mayor / CTO

Elliot is a New York native who now calls Tucson home. Elliot enjoys working on projects that use technology to connect people and make connections smoother for all parties involved.


{Michael Oppel}

Ol’ Money Bags / CFO

Michael was born in Louisville Kentucky and now calls Valdosta Georgia home. Michael enjoys mentoring college students on financial business strategy and volunteering as a financial adviser for a local non-profit. He also enjoys outdoor activities like camping, fishing, kayaking, and underwater basket weaving.


{Slaton Whatley}

The Hustle / COO

Slaton is an aspiring desert rat born in the flat lands of southwest Georgia. Slaton is an avid climber, backpacker and wanderer of mountainous places. When not working (in vain) on his leathery desert tan, Slaton can be found hyped up on strong coffee at a local coffee shop surrounded by the 2Shoes team.